About Eko Landscaping

Eko Landscaping is a small owner-operated firm located in Campbellville, Ontario. Eko provides gardening and other softscaping, lawn and property maintenance services to both commercial and residential clients in the Milton - Burlington - Guelph area.

Company owner Ilse Mozga can usually be found out in the field, wielding a rake or shovel. Every job site is inspected by her before work commences, and no job site is left without her ensuring that the project is completed to both the client's expectations and her standards.

To safeguard the wellbeing of children and pets in particular, Eko landscapers use no chemical fertilizers or chemical-based pesticides.


At Eko Landscaping, we pride ourselves on focusing on the details often overlooked by other companies. We don't leave garbage on a worksite, in fact, if we find a piece of garbage there, we will pick it up. We'll move the garden furniture to cut the lawn—and then we put it back.

Like many of our clients, we feel that life has gotten too complicated, and that sustainability is an important concept to apply to all areas of our existence. As much as possible, we do what we do using the simplest tools that will do the job. Wherever feasible, wee also use drought-tolerant and native plants requiring little or no irrigation.

Our mission is to make the world a little prettier, whether that be by cleaning up a parking lot, edging a lawn, or brightening the landscape with some well-placed annuals.