small footprint gardening

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and help moderate climate change? One way is to try and maintain your existing landscape and gardens without gas-guzzling, smelly and polluting power tools.

Low Impact Property Maintenance

Eko Landscaping offers a low-impact property maintenance service. We will care for your lawn and garden using traditional implements such as reel mowers and hand tools. We will also avoid commercial fertilziers, using fresh compost tea prepared locally to make your plants thrive. Our program features

  • Lawn care: Reel mowers
  • Fertilizing: Use of locally brewed compost tea
  • Soil amendments: Compost, natural or pelleted
  • Weeding: hand weeding, use of horticultural vinegar

Because we believe that it is important for all of us to make an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we realize that a maintenance program with traditional tools can take a little longer, we are offering a 10% discount over regular maintence fees. Please note: At this time we cannot provide this service on properties with large turf areas. See below for thoughts on what you can do.


Sustainability Audit

If your current landscaping is "large footprint," requiring lots of irrigation and mainenance, consider having us prepare a mini-landscape audit and suggest changes to reduce your need for the use of power tools and irrigation. Drought-resistant perennial gardens or ground covers can replace some of your lawn area, for example, making for a visually exciting alternative that requires less day-to-day care.

If you want to make some changes yourself, get ideas by visiting the new No MOW! No BLOW No H2O! demonstration garden at Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.