mulch calculator

It's time to add mulch to enhance moisture retention and control weeds. But how much should you order?

First you have to decide how deep your mulch should be. If it's the first time you are putting mulch on the area, 3" about 7.5 cm) is an acceptable depth; if you are re-mulching, then a depth of just 1" or 2" (2.5 - 5 cm) may suffice.

To make the calculations easy, we are providing two calculators below, one for imperial and one for metric measurements. However, if you have measured one way and then find that the supplier uses the other system of measurement, just remember that 1 cubic metre is about 1.3 cubic yards, and you will be able to do a rough conversion on the spot. Also remember to take into account the area occupied by tree trunks and plant stems. These areas will require less mulch, and you may want to deduct about 10 - 25% of the total area, depending on plant coverage of your garden.

Mulch Calculator 1

Garden length (in feet):
Garden width (in feet):
Mulch depth (in inches):
Cubic yards needed:

Mulch Calculator 2

Garden width (in metres):
Garden length (in metres):
Mulch depth (in centimetres):
Cubic metres needed:

For circular areas, use the following calculation:

Garden radius (in metres)
Mulch depth (in centimetres):
Cubic metres needed):